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The Lost Crown

Director : Avi Dabach

The mystery of the Aleppo Codex - the world’s most important and precious Bible, preserved in Aleppo for centuries until much of it mysteriously disappeared when it was smuggled to Israel. Murder, theft and conspiracy mixes with history and sanctuary. 

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Micha's Films was founded in 2009 by Judith Manassen-Ramon as an independent production company, focused on documentary stories told in both linear and non-linear ways. 

We believe that films, as a visual narrative, have an important role in creating change in this world - in personal perception of things as well as public opinion

Many times, this is achieved through minority influence. Consequently, we are more passionate about social themes‫ from the past and present, told in new and creative ways.


Past productions include the acclaimed "Dolphin Boy” (2011), which was acquired by Disney Pictures for a potential remake as a feature film. 

Currently, the company is exploring, along side linear documentaries, virtual reality documentary experiences and web-based documentary story-telling. 

The Company is named after Micha Manassen, and all our stories are engraved with his loving smile and deep hawkish eyes.

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 ‘Dolphin Boy’

Gentle yet bracing, "Dolphin Boy" is a documentary about recovery and rebirth, set amid the kibitzing porpoises of southern Israel, which brought a traumatised Arab boy back to life after an assault that left him mute and unreachable.

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‘Dolphin Boy’ gets picked up by Disney

Documentary, which tells story of mute Israeli Arab teen’s rehabilitation via communication with dolphins, is the animation giant’s first acquisition in Israel.

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'The Lost Crown' - Director: My Great-grandfather, the Man Who Held the Key to the Aleppo Codex

Descendant of man who cared for the oldest complete copy of the Hebrew Bible sets out to trace the text's history in a documentary - and maybe solve the mystery of its missing pages.

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דם חם: לפעמים נגמרת לנו הנשמה

מאבקים שמובילות נשים, כמו מאבקה הטוטאלי של טל גלבוע למען בעלי החיים, הם מאבקים של ניצחונות מעטים וים של דמעות

קרא עוד

שליש מדפי כתר ארם צובא, התנ״ך החשוב והיקר בעולם, נעלמו. הדפים הקיימים היו אמורים להגיע לידי הקהילה החאלבית בישראל, אבל לבסוף הועברו למכון בן צבי ומשם למוזיאון ישראל. סרט תיעודי חדש מבקש להתחקות אחר עקבותיו של הכתר האבוד

קרא עוד